What is Misseducated?

Misseducated is a blog and podcast about unlearning and the female experience created by Tash Doherty. I’m a writer, author, and advocate based in Mexico City. I cover sex, relationships, life choices, and how to be happy. Misseducated’s podcast ranks in the top 5% globally, and I’ve interviewed people about topics like sex workers’ rights, fertility, and abortion.

What makes Misseducated different?

From talking to my readers so far, it seems people like that I am committed to two things in my writing:

1.     Boldness: If I find a topic that I think more women and females need to know about, I dive in headfirst, no matter if it’s taboo. For example, I did a whole special on the orgasm gap by interviewing Dr. Laurie Mintz, a sexologist, to share tips on female orgasms. It was a dream cum true 😉.

2.     Honesty: When I write about a broader social topic, I am committed to sharing exactly how this topic has affected my life. For example, writing about the orgasm gap, I shared that in my personal experience, only 3 out of the 40 or so men I have had sex with were able to make me orgasm. Many readers like learning these juicy details about my life 🤭.

Why consider a paid subscription?

Firstly, regarding the juicy details, my paid subscribers get all-access. For example, in writing about my sexuality, I told my paid subscribers I was exploring dating women before I told my family. (I still haven’t told most of them, but they’ve been instructed not to read this blog, so there you go!) Maybe that sounds weird and like too much information to you. But for me, it represents a level of trust and friendship that feels hard to come by on the internet these days.

Secondly, by paying for this subscription, you’re supporting me as a creative and enabling me to make this newsletter all it can be. You’ll also get access to all of Misseducated’s archives, including all my most popular posts, and a free copy of my novel that I’m self-publishing in September 2023. Yay! 📖.

Please let me know if you want to be a paid subscriber but the cost is prohibitive for you right now. You can message me on Instagram, @misseducated_, and I’ll gladly comp your subscription. No questions asked!

Thank you for your continued support!

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