Dec 6, 2022 • 47M

On Domestic Violence, Christianity & Women Leaders

With Zuzana (Cahojova) Brixová, Director of Gender Equality for Slovakia

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Misseducated is the show about unlearning and the female experience. Covering topics like sex workers' rights, femtech, porn, domestic violence and fertility, Tash Doherty discovers the stories of fascinating people and explores their unusual viewpoints in conversations we rarely have.
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I interviewed Zuzana (Cahojova) Brixová, the Director of Gender Equality for Slovakia, just over a year ago. I feel so lucky to have come across her story; it is one of incredible strength and perseverance.

Here, Zuzana tells us about her experience of domestic violence, and how she overcame an abusive marriage to find her freedom and her voice as a lawyer. She now drives key policies in her country to protect women and children from violence.

As a practicing Catholic, Zuzana also shares her fascinating opinions on how false interpretations of religion can place more value on protecting something (sanctity, virginity or marriage) rather than someone.

Her inspiring story is one of true transformation. I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. For survivors of trauma and abuse, I want to reiterate that overcoming a terrible situation and forging a new, safer life for yourself is more than enough. Post-traumatic growth is mostly a myth, and surviving trauma itself is enough. You are enough.

Read more about Zuzana’s background here.